The Creator Initiative

Independent doesn't always mean alone

Splice Creator Initiative is a constellation of programs that create new opportunities for the independent sound creator community: the producers, sound designers, vocalists and other musicians who create samples, loops, and other types of audio content that power today's music. We formed the Splice Creator Initiative to address the absence of resources directed at the growing community of independent sound creators. From access to information and community outreach to creative feedback and financial support, each of our efforts is designed to foster sound creators' crafts and elevate their careers.

The Initiatives




Events that bring together sound creators of all kinds, enabling them to meet and exchange ideas with leaders in the field and others in the community.

Dedicated creative support, financial assistance, and career mentorship for a hand-selected group of promising sound creators.




Avenues for independent sound creators to partner directly with Splice to release their sounds, while setting a new standard in the industry for fair deal terms. Applications open February 2019.  




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What do you mean by Sound Creators?

A sound creator is anyone who creates original sounds, sculpts samples, or composes loops with the intention of releasing them for others to use. Sound creators make what we at Splice call “collaborative content”—content that other creators will use to fuel their own creative output.

Why this and why now?

The modern music creation process has led to an explosion in sample usage. As a result, the demand for sample content—and for the types of creators who make it—has also exploded. At the same time, many of these creators are unable to find partnerships with transparent terms that actually foster their longevity as independent artists. We formed the Splice Creator Initiative to address the absence of resources directed at these growing communities of independent sound creators. It is our goal to foster their artistic development through funding, collaborative events, creative support, open communication, career guidance, idea development, and other resources. We intend to improve opportunities for people who already identify themselves as sound creators, and also to encourage other musicians to explore sound creation as a new source of revenue and creative expression.

How do I apply?

We’re not yet taking applications to any of the programs. Sign up above to be the first to hear more details about these initiatives, including when applications open.

Who is behind the Creator Initiative?

Splice Creator Initiative is powered by Splice, the leading platform for music creation. Splice teamed up with sample label leaders Sample Magic and Capsun ProAudio to develop and run Splice Creator Initiative programming. Both teams have been producing high quality original sample content for decades. Creative direction for Splice Creator Initiative is being led by Jay Pulman, the Creative Director of Capsun ProAudio. Jay is a producer and sound designer himself, having made some of the best-selling sample packs on Splice and sounds for industry leading hardware and software.

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